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6 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Want to make your home more energy-efficient? Whether it’s to save money on utility bills or promote a cleaner environment, lowering your home’s energy usage offers numerous benefits. So, consider the following tips to minimize your energy use. #1) Wash Clothes in Cold Water Some people assume that washing clothes in hot water offers better cleaning power. In reality, though,

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Summer Tips to Strip Down Your Energy Bill

Wednesday, June 21 officially marked the beginning of summer here in the Northern hemisphere and also the longest day of the year a.k.a the summer solstice. Although any Crius Solar home solar system provides plentiful clean energy all year round, no one wants to use power needlessly. And as it gets hotter, it gets harder for some to conserve energy.

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Fact or Fiction: Debunking the Top 5 Solar Myths

Ever since one of the first solar-powered residences in the U.S. sprang to life in 1973 (thanks to the University of Delaware), misperceptions about solar have persisted. So in the next 850 words, we’ll attempt to do what 40+ years of U.S. solar history has not – fill the information gap with brilliant solar facts! Solar Myth #1: Solar Power

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How “Green” Is Solar Power, Really?

When it comes to solar power, it’s all about the “green.” As a full-service solar company, Crius Solar has spoken with thousands of potential solar energy adopters and overwhelmingly they want to either 1) save money ($-green) or 2) decrease their impact on the planet (eco-green). So, as Earth Day approaches, it seems like the right time to once and

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Why Solar Power and Energy-Efficiency Should Go Hand-In-Hand

What have you done lately to make your home more energy-efficient? If you’re like the thousands of U.S. homeowners who went solar last year – you may not have done all that you could. Although installing a home solar power system can make your energy costs more predictable, help the environment and potentially save you money on your electricity bill

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TICK, TOCK: Why Now Is The Best Time To Go Solar

Can you believe it’s February already? Now that the New Year’s Eve confetti has settled, those who resolved to take control of their home’s energy costs in 2017 have some big decisions to make. Namely, is now the right time to take the solar plunge, or should you continue to wait and see? Of course we’re biased at Crius Solar

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How Smart Is Your Home?

From a customizable, voice-activated virtual assistant to a garbage can with technology that will give you a personal grocery list based on what you throw out – technology is booming – and it’s no wonder we’re learning how to unleash the ultimate in comfort and convenience around our homes. While “smart” may be the adjective you only use to describe

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