With a new year ahead of us, many homeowners are looking to upgrade their home with solar panels. For the price, solar can be a smart purchase that can pay off in the form of lower monthly power bills, as well as a cleaner environment. However, solar power continues to evolve with every passing year. So, what kind of solar power trends can you expect to see in 2018?

Potentially Lower Costs

Statistics show that the cost of installing a residential solar power system is less than half of the cost from just eight years ago. As the technology improves and more companies compete to manufacture and install solar panels, consumers reap the benefit of lower prices. As a result, the new year offers the perfect opportunity for homeowners to invest in a solar power system.


The use of Mono PERC solar cells is expected to gain traction in 2018. According to PV Tech, this special type of monocrystalline cell technology currently accounts for roughly 30% of the market share. In 2018, however, this number is expected to grow as more solar companies choose Mono PERC over other PV cell types.

31 GW of Utility-Scale Solar Energy

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the country’s total utility-scale solar energy production will increase from 27 GW at the end of 2017 to 31 GW by the end of 2018. This growth is being fueled by lower installation costs, clarified regulations, tax incentives and a more widespread understanding of the benefits of solar power.

Frameless Solar Panels

Granted, frameless solar panels aren’t a new concept; they’ve been around for several years now. However, they’re becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional framed panels, especially among homeowners. As the name suggests, frameless solar panels are constructed without frames.

This offers two specific benefits: first, the panels are more aesthetically pleasing when installed on a home’s roof. Secondly, the lack of frames makes the panels slightly more efficient, as there’s more room for the actual PV cells. For these reasons, the popularity surrounding frameless solar panels will likely increase in 2018.

These are just a few of the solar power trends you can expect to see in 2018. While no one knows what the future holds, all signs suggest that solar is here to stay.

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