Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

All the benefits of solar with little to no upfront costs.

Plus in some states, when your system produces more electricity that what you use, your utility provided will compensate you for this extra power. This process is known as net metering, and it’s very cool to see in action.

If you’re standing by your meter when it’s happening, you can actually see your meter spinning backwards.

Love your system so much that you decide you want to buy it? Crius Solar customers who choose a power purchase agreement may buy their system at any point after the fifth year or at the end of their 20-year contract.

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Key Benefits of a Solar PPA

  • No ownership, which means you are not responsible for the maintenance during your contract period
  • Homeowners pay only for the production of their solar system at low, predictable rates
  • Insurance, monitoring, and repair is included at no additional cost
  • $0 down plans are available for those who qualify

*For those who qualify **Please consult your tax advisor for more information on tax incentives