Solar Payment Options

Flexible solar plans that meet your

needs and goals


It is now easier and more affordable than ever to go solar.

You can start with little to no money down and control your energy costs in a more comfortable way. While some customers purchase their solar power systems rather than lease, some prefer to opt for the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and the Solar Lease. No matter which option you go with, our practical and affordable plans put solar power within your reach while keeping your financial goals in mind. Plus, each option comes with a warranty and 20 years of service, including 24/7 monitoring at no additional cost.

Our Current Payment Options

Solar Payments Pay for the energy produced Fixed monthly No monthly solar payments
System Ownership Third-Party Homeowner Homeowner
Upfront Payment No No Yes
Payment Term 20-years 20-years N/A
Warranty 20-year system warranty[1] 10-year installation workmanship[1] 10-year installation workmanship[1]
Engagement Reporting Included Included Included
Incentives All federal & state incentives are rolled into pricing Homeowner may keep available incentives or use to lower their loan payment[2] Homeowner may keep any federal & state incentives[2]

† For qualifying individuals

[1] Refer to manufacturer warranty for component warranty

[2] Please consult your tax advisor on Federal Tax Credit eligibility


PPAs are a great option for homeowners seeking control over their long-term energy costs with the utmost peace of mind. With this option:

  • Homeowners pay only for the production of their solar system at low, predictable rates
  • Insurance, monitoring, and repair is included at no additional cost
  • $0 down plans are available for those who qualify
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For homeowners seeking ownership of their solar systems, solar loans are a great way to break down the upfront cost into manageable, predictable monthly payments.* Other features include:

  • Competitive rates
  • 20-year term with no prepayment penalties
  • If eligible, homeowners may retain ownership of available federal and state incentives**
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Purchasing a solar power system is a cost-effective and rewarding option.

  • No monthly solar payments
  • If eligible, you can take advantage of generous federal and state tax incentives***
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*For those who qualify **Please consult your tax advisor for more information on tax incentives ***Please consult your tax advisor for more information on tax incentives