Passionate About
Solar Energy?

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The power of solar energy never ceases to amaze us.

Every hour, the sun beams enough energy to satisfy the entire Earth’s energy needs for one full year. Talk about an under-utilized resource!
Help us help solar power reach its full potential and we’ll reward you through our ShineOn! Program: $500 ‘finder’s fee’ for every installation.

As a Crius Energy employee you’re already passionate about giving our customers alternative sources for their energy, so why not spread the word about the BrilliantHomeTM energy plan through Crius Solar and earn $500 every time one of your friends go solar with us! Just fill out our simple form below with your friend’s name and email address – plus your mailing address — and then sit back and referral bonuses roll in!

Click here for the terms and conditions of the ShineOn! Program

Employee Referral Form

ShineOn! Referral Program Terms and Conditions


Provide contact information for any friend or family member you personally know who is interested in learning more about solar (“Referrals”) – as well as your mailing address — and Crius Solar will send you a Four Hundred Dollar (US$400.00) reward each time one of your Referrals installs a Crius Solar-provided solar energy system on their property. Duplicate Referrals will not be considered. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR EARN REFERRAL FEES.

Referring individuals will be eligible to be paid Four Hundred Dollars (US$400.00) via gift card for each qualifying Referral or elect to double the value of their Referral bonus to Eight Hundred Dollars (US$800.00) for the purchase of energy-saving products via our online store at

By submitting a Referral under this Program, each referring individual attests that: 1.) he or she personally knows the friend or family member named, 2.) has confirmed that the individual wants to be contacted by Crius Solar, its parent company or any of its affiliates, for the purpose of learning more about solar energy. Further, each referring individual is fully responsible for all verbal and written statements that he or she makes regarding Crius Solar, its parent company and any of its affiliates and agrees to comply with Crius Energy’s Privacy Policy. Referring individuals also agree to indemnify Crius Solar, its parent company and any of its affiliates, and hold them harmless from any and all liabilities including judgments, third-party law suits, civil penalties, refunds, attorney fees, court costs and lost business incurred as a result of, or stemming from the unauthorized representations, actions or inactions, of a referring individual, as well as any breach of the terms of these conditions. Crius Solar has the right to offset any compensation due to a referring individual for breaches of this Agreement and for indemnification claims. This provision shall survive the termination of the Agreement. In addition, referring individuals who do not provide information required by Crius Solar for tax purposes agree to forfeit compensation earned under the Program.

Crius Solar may terminate the Referral Program for any reason and at any time, upon which time Crius Solar will make payment to referring individuals for earned compensation under the Program.