Energy Efficiency


Summer Tips to Strip Down Your Energy Bill

Wednesday, June 21 officially marked the beginning of summer here in the Northern hemisphere and also the longest day of the year a.k.a the summer solstice. Although any Crius Solar home solar system provides plentiful clean energy all year round, no one wants to use power needlessly. And as it gets hotter, it gets harder for some to conserve energy.

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Putting Sunshine in the Bank: Net Metering Explained

41 states plus D.C. have mandatory rules regarding it. Yet if you’re one of the millions of American homeowners who are just learning more about solar power, you likely have no idea what net metering is, let alone how it can benefit you. And since net metering can help increase the value of a solar energy system (as well as

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Will Going Solar Take Me Off the Grid?

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about home solar power. After all, who wouldn’t want to help the environment, potentially increase their property value, and future-proof variable energy costs? Yet an estimated 5-7 million U.S. homeowners are sitting on the sidelines when it comes to this powerful alternative energy source. Why? Concerns about reliability are a key reason

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Why Solar Power and Energy-Efficiency Should Go Hand-In-Hand

What have you done lately to make your home more energy-efficient? If you’re like the thousands of U.S. homeowners who went solar last year – you may not have done all that you could. Although installing a home solar power system can make your energy costs more predictable, help the environment and potentially save you money on your electricity bill

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