Joe Hupp


6 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Want to make your home more energy-efficient? Whether it’s to save money on utility bills or promote a cleaner environment, lowering your home’s energy usage offers numerous benefits. So, consider the following tips to minimize your energy use. #1) Wash Clothes in Cold Water Some people assume that washing clothes in hot water offers better cleaning power. In reality, though,

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What is a Home Energy Audit?

Also known as a home energy assessment, a home energy audit is the process of inspecting and analyzing a home’s energy usage. As explained by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), it’s often performed with the goal of creating a more energy-efficient home. So, what exactly does a home energy audit entail? The Basics of a Home Energy Audit There’s

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What is a Solar Power Inverter?

An inverter is a key component of a solar power system. Also known as a PV inverter, its primary function is to convert direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. Without an inverter, the average homeowner wouldn’t be able to use any solar power generated by his or her solar panels. Solar Power Inverters: The Basics When a

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Think Your Northeast State Isn’t Sunny Enough for Solar? Think Again!

When most people think of the Northeast they think of brisk college campuses, breathtaking fall foliage or chilled skiers gathered round a cozy fire. But in fact, rapid advancements in technology, the establishment of competitive energy markets, and innovative environmental policy have made the Northeast sizzling hot when it comes to clean energy usage. In fact, Northeast states like New

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